The New Sex Talk: 3 Tips to Get You Started

Times have changed, and so has how we talk to our kids about sex.

The summer before I started high school, unbeknownst to me, my mother tasked my father with giving me the “sex talk” on a six-hour road trip. I had never kissed a boy, or seen an R-rated movie. We didn’t have the Internet yet. I didn’t know that people have sex for pleasure; that would be […]

How to Help Teens Get More Sleep

Sleep is, arguably, the golden ticket to happiness. Our silver bullet to success. A straight shot to both physical and mental health.


I am writing this from the front lines: My 16-year-old stepdaughter’s messy bed. It’s a little after 9:00 o’clock. I’m surrounded by various evidence of teenage life: her guitar, a red bandana, a cardboard box and the pile of clothes that used to be in it (ordered online from a thrift store), her phone, the dog’s […]

Feeling Entitled to a Little Gratitude This Mother’s Day?

Here’s an icky confession: Since becoming a mother, I have dreaded Mother’s Day. The whole holiday has, somehow, left me feeling unappreciated. I’ve tended to get in a funk, and not out of grief or some sort of well-defined pain–I can only imagine how hard Mother’s Day must be for someone who has lost their mother. […]

Happiness Tip: Have a Family Game Night

Four tips for making a family game night count.


Want to boost your mood this week? Challenge your family members to an old-fashioned board game. A whopping 91% of families who play games report that playing games together improves their mood — even for 13-17 year olds — according to a recent survey (commissioned by Hasbro but conducted by an independent research company). Additionally, the survey […]