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Theme One: Finding Happiness as a Parent

Want happier kids? Start by becoming happier yourself! Studies show that parents who experience more positive emotions in their own life tend to be warmer and more responsive to their children, making them more able to respond to the needs of their children.

Theme Two: The Science of Success

Did you know that the best predictor of success in school is not grades or SAT scores, but a quality researchers call “grit”? Gritty people do well because they are able to persist in the face of difficulty. Learn how to foster grit in your children, how to raise their emotional intelligence and improve school performance.

Theme Three: Happiness on Autopilot

Incorporate five high-impact habits that will make you — and your kids! — happier into your life. These five important family routines will increase gratitude, family connection, and over-all well-being. Dr. Carter includes clear instructions for making the routines easy to start and fun to stick with.

Theme Four: Boosting Emotional Intelligence and Self-Motivation

Emotion coaching is the key to raising happy, healthy, resilient and well-adjusted children. Dr. Carter discusses the dangers of using bribes, threats and rewards with kids and why kids who are motivated this way may eventually rely on unethical behaviors to fulfill their parents’ expectations.

Theme Five: The Science of Great Relationships

Build a foundation for a passionate, long lasting, and joyful romance. A strong relationship with your partner is key to your own happiness and that of your entire family.

Theme Six: Mindful Parenting

Learn how mindfulness in your children can be leveraged to improve their academic achievement, behavior, mental health, and social relationships.  The benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction are tremendous for your brain and your immune system.

Theme Seven: Manufacturing Happiness

Teach your children how to hone their skills of luck, optimism, and generosity. Did you know these are all skills that can be developed? Lucky people are more satisfied with their lives, their family, their health and their careers — what more could we want for our children?

Theme Eight: Clearing out Habits, Beliefs

Cut out the unhappiness habits in your life! Learn tools for combating materialism, the solution to the daunting statistics about the mental health of college-bound kids, tips for how to raise siblings who are friends and how to raise forgiving kids.